Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives


Cooperativas Agrarias Federadas – CAF (Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives) represents the interests of its member cooperatives and is a tool for achieving their integral development.

CAF is a network comprising more than 20 Agricultural Cooperatives and Rural Development Societies from Uruguay with more than 13,000 farmer members spread across the whole national territory.

We offer to our members: Institutional REPRESENTATION and Integral DEVELOPMENT


1 Training and Development of social capital. Expand and professionalize the network of directors, employees and farmers involved in agricultural cooperatives to strengthen their cooperative commitment.

How: training programs – national and international consultancies – advice –transversal working groups – workshops – forums – meetings – seminars – webinars

What: management skills – business management – human capital management – cooperative approach – entrepreneurship – creativity and innovation – communication and leadership skills

2 Institutional Relationship and Representation. Articulation and advocacy with governmental authorities and institutions to contribute to generate, implement and evaluate high quality public policies.

How: active governance – proposals – participatory- collective construction – relationship with Government – meetings and exchanges

What: institutional advocacy – productive and corporate issues – agricultural cooperative positioning– improvement of public policies – influence and incidence in the public agenda – democratic governance – regional and international linkages – inter-institutional articulation – validation and representativeness

3 Support Cooperative Competitiveness. Construction of a vision and shared actions between network members for enhancing productive development and improving agricultural cooperatives competitiveness.

How: fostering inter-cooperatives initiatives – labour relations – thorough research – foresight – case studies – working groups for exchange (livestock, agriculture, horticulture, cooperative aproach etc.)

What: technological and organizational dynamism – incorporation of procedures –  knowledge management – incorporation of technology – economies of scale – commercial strategies – members loyalty – intergenerational farm transition

4 Enhancement of Organizational Processes. Resources and system alignment to strengthen communication channels and nodes in the network of CAF’s member agricultural cooperatives.

How: promotion of participation and involvement – efficient governing bodies and professional staff – transversal working groups (managers, technical staff, directors, communicators, rural youth) – exchange tours with member cooperatives – institutional communication management

What: internal and external communication – corporate identity and image – quality services – search of projects and fund sources – access to quality information


CAF, as an economic agent, plays a major role in representative sectors of the country’s economy: livestock, agriculture, dairy, horticulture and floriculture.

  • Cooperatives industrialize and market production from 2,000 dairy producers mainly affiliated to CONAPROLE (Cooperativa Nacional de Productores de Leche). This represents 80% of the national dairy production to supply internal and international market.
  • In the agricultural sector, cooperatives account for 30% of national production in wheat and 20% in soybean and they also play a role in sorghum and maize production. Cooperatives account for 30% of barley production.
  • Cooperatives have an installed storage capacity that covers almost 70% of grain production with the exception of the rice crop.
  • A second-tier cooperative, CLU (Central Lanera Uruguaya), markets and processes almost 15% of the national production from 1,800 wool producers. Wool is processed in its own Combing Mill – known in Uruguay as Lanera Piedra Alta- with modern technologies that allow the production of superb quality tops for the most demanding international markets.
  • Cooperatives are the main input suppliers for farmers. They support their members with technical assistance and provide access to key information allowing the developing of new plans and productive undertakings.
  • Furthermore, they contribute to local development addressing social and environmental issues.

Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives

Increasingly more present in the competitive development of Uruguayan agricultural sector.

Phone (+598) 2900 00 12 – 2901 33 39 – E-mail: secretaria@caf.org.uy – Río Negro 1495 of. 201 (Montevideo-Uruguay)

Facebook: cafuruguay
Twitter: CAFUruguay


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